Destination Maternity Vendor Manual

In order for any Vendor to be set up in the Destination Maternity World Wide On Time (WWOT) system and receive a Vendor Number, they are required to complete the Vendor Certification Process which includes onboarding with vendor relations and completion of the DM Vendor Certification Package documents. Prior to completing this package, each Vendor must read all sections of the DM Vendor Manual. Completed Vendor Certification Packages must be sent to

** Vendors must check the Updates/Notifications area regularly for Vendor Manual updates, notifications and testing alerts.



Section 1: Vendor Onboarding and Certification

Section 2: Wholesale Product: Special Handling Requirements

Section 3: Color System

Section 4: Fabric Quality/Inspections

Section 5: On Product Marketing Requirements/Suppliers

Section 6: Technical Design Sample/Fit Requirements

Section 7: Labeling/Testing/Product Compliance

Section 8: Quality Standards/Requirements

Section 9: Logistics

Section 10: Packing/Carton Requirements

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