Destination Maternity Vendor Manual

Maternity OPCO Holdings, LLC DBA Destination Maternity Vendor Partners and Suppliers are required check the portal “Last Updated Date” weekly to ensure they are aware of new Vendor Manual Updates, Notifications and/or Testing Alerts. Most updates to the manual will be handled here on the portal. In some cases, an update will be accompanied by an e-mail communication from Global Sourcing. Unless otherwise informed Vendor Partners are fully responsible to check the portal regularly, and when there is an update to click the Updates/Notifications link and to read the VM change document to ensure full understanding of the update(s). Compliance to the Vendor Manual, including published updates is mandatory. Failure to review updates could result in non-compliance fees.


Section 1: Vendor Onboarding and Certification

Section 2: Wholesale/Market Vendor Requirements

Section 3: Color System

Section 4: Fabric Quality/Inspections

Section 5: On Product Marketing Requirements/Suppliers

Section 6: Technical Design Sample/Fit Requirements

Section 7: Testing/Labeling/Product Compliance

Section 8: Quality Standards/Requirements

Section 9: Logistics

Section 10: Ticket/Packing/Carton Requirements

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